Our Story

Our History

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Why Choose Us

When we started out, we didn’t want to simply be like any other law firm.
Instead, we asked ourselves over and over, “As a client, what do I want most from my lawyer?”
This is what we came up with, and this is what we stand for:
Your trusted personal advisers
We are here to serve you and your business. Your objectives always come first.
For us, the law is a tool to meet your needs, not the other way around.
We approach every matter with an open mind and a heartfelt curiosity to learn more about you, your business and your industry, so that we figure out the best legal solution or strategy to achieve your objectives.
We aim to deliver sound, practical advice directly to you.
No lengthy memos that cost an arm and a leg – just short and concise legal steps that you or your business can immediately take.
Fast communication
Here at Aurora Law, your needs are important to us. We commit to providing the value that you seek.
As such, from the time you first approach us, you will be paired up with a single point-of-contact to take care of you and answer your questions.
We also know how important speed of communication is to build trust between you and us. As such, we will endeavour to respond to you within 48 hours [TBC] or earlier
We are there with you always, and if you ever need our help, just let us know.
Productivity and digitalisation
We at Aurora Law are obsessed with delivering the best quality of legal service to you in the shortest possible time.
That is why we believe in investing in the right technology and digital tools in order to serve you better.
The COVID-19 pandemic has also shown all of us that it’s possible to now move law firm operations virtually.
As such, we are proud to announce that Aurora Law has gone fully online, making it one of the first-ever digital law firms in Singapore.
Paperless systems, cloud-based solutions, automated workflows, virtual meetings, flexible work arrangements – these are just some of the processes we have implemented to make sure that we can provide the best possible value to you.
We eliminate the inefficiencies that plague the law firms of yesterday, so that we produce even faster and higher quality work for you today.
Upfront and transparent fees
“Please don’t tell me how much my legal fees will be and surprise me once it’s over,” said no one ever.
Yes, we get you: no one wants to get shocked with expensive legal fees at the end of an engagement.
Yet, you’ll be surprised at how often this happens when lawyers traditionally charge by the hour.
Here at Aurora Law, we do things differently: we undertake to communicate all our fees clearly, transparently and upfront before the start of any engagement.
As a general guide, we peg our fees based on value or work product – like a contract, a will or a piece of advice – because we are here to give you exactly what you need.
Where work products cannot be readily anticipated, we will quote by stages and provide you with a fee estimate so that you know upfront what your costs would roughly be.
If you like working with us and need legal help every now and then, we are also happy to discuss a retainer that makes the most sense for you or your business.
In short, we will give you all the information you need, so that you can make an informed choice about whether to go ahead with us.
Not just your average ‘lawyer’
We at Aurora Law are more than just lawyers.
We are also investors, we run our own businesses, and we engage in endeavours outside of the law such as the arts, culture, religion and community work, because we believe that well-rounded individuals with a balanced lifestyle make better lawyers.
We are also constantly seeking ways to improve ourselves, whether it’s continually learning about cutting-edge technologies in Web 3.0 or the Metaverse, or keeping abreast with the latest legal trends and judgments.
As such, when you come to Aurora Law, you are benefiting not just from our legal expertise, but also from our unique perspectives and life experiences.
Let us be honest with you: no single law firm can tackle every area of the law, including ours.
Nevertheless, here at Aurora Law, we have a wide network of people across practice areas and in different countries whom we can count on.
If there are any areas of law that are beyond our expertise, you can be rest assured that we will still help you to look for someone else who can.
When you come to Aurora Law, you will never be left alone.